DJ name: Taj Paneer
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Last seen on: Aug. 18, 2019 @ 7:52 am

Listed below are the known shows for this DJ:

Show name Last seen
Virtual Noise 06-09-2019
Crate Digger's Gold 07-10-2019
Elk Mating Ritual Show 05-18-2017
Rancho del Ray 02-27-2019
Rock N' Roll Pest Control 04-10-2019
Excavation Nation 05-25-2016
What's New? 07-17-2019
The Radio Still Screams 05-13-2019
This Great White North 05-03-2019
Around the Town Sounds 04-18-2019
Stronger Than Dirt 04-13-2019
Punk Melody Time 04-11-2019
The Clear Spot 04-06-2019
Country Swing $ Rockabilly Jamboree 05-23-2019
Roses and Thorns 04-15-2019
Remix 03-28-2017
Diamonds and Iron 06-17-2019
The Last Round Up 04-12-2019
Beats of Burden 05-28-2017
The Wildcraft 12-25-2015
A Blues Groove 05-28-2019
Free Samples 04-07-2019
Guitar Picks 04-15-2019
The Girlie Show 04-27-2019
Molten Universe 04-05-2019
Small Cool World 03-21-2019
Channel Surfing 03-08-2019

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